Legacy Greenwing

Legacy Greenwing With a one-time contribution of $200 or more you become either a Junior Legacy Greenwing (age 11 and younger) or a Senior Legacy Greenwing (ages 12-17) of Ducks Unlimited.

Greenwing Benefits A legacy greenwing membership entitles the recipient to:

- A DU membership card and certificate

- A legacy greenwing lapel pin

- Greenwing decals (age 11 and younger) or 2 unique DU decals (one duck head and one DU shield for age 12-17 years)

- View the Puddler magazine online at www.ducks.org/PuddlerOnline in the Members Only section and receive 6 issues of Ducks Unlimited magazine with a special Greenwing section in each issue

- For younger greenwings a special website, www.greenwing.org. For older greenwings access to the Members Only section of the Ducks Unlimited website, www.ducks.org. PLUS, upon turning 18, you are considered an adult member and will continue to receive the Ducks Unlimited magazine until age 21.